By Noor Charchafchi
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Luxury Interior Design


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Celine Estates, an award winning luxury interior design practice in London, with Director Noor Charchafchi now recognised as one of the UK's leading top 50 UK interior designers, specialises in the design of luxury and bespoke, residential & commercial interior designs for both prime London property as well internationally for high profile clients.

We offer a complete luxury interior design service or where required a design and refurbishment service.

Our luxury interior design expertise allows us to interpret visions and ideas bringing them into existence to create the most exceptional and innovative properties in the world.

We are strong believers that design is as much an expression as it is a tool to enhance lifestyle and environment and we transform spaces to be able to give each internal space a voice and an identity that is entirely unique.

Celine Estates - Luxury Interior Design London


Latest Projects

4 T6 A2398

Chelsea Bridge, Chelsea

​This flat included fully furnishing and styling a 3 bedroom family London Chelsea pied a terre.

Ce Hans 449

Hans Place, Knightsbridge

26 Hans Place is set in one of the most iconic residential squares in a prime central London.

Cel  Sm 0713

Shepherds Market, Mayfair

A full luxury interior design service was provided for 4 large 4-5 bed homes in Mayfair development.